While I have focused on capturing the beauty of Palm Beach the past thirteen years in paintings and fine line ink renderings as well as in some written and published works concerning the fabled Island, my training at Cooper Union in Manhattan in the late fifties introduced me to many mediums and genre including architectural perspective, painting, calligraphy and design.  At Cooper I was being prepared to go into either Commercial or Fine Art or Architecture.  It was a wonderful broad experience that led to many evolving creative processes over the years.

When I was young I always enjoyed art classes and was also fascinated by magazines, observing the layout of each page particularly noticing how the written material coalesced with  art forms to fill the space.  Working as Assistant to the Art Buyer at Grey Advertising in Manhattan, just out of High School, provided the opportunity to observe the portfolios of many celebrated artists such as Andy Warhol, photographer Henri Cartier- Bresson, painter Eric Sloane and fashion photographer Richard Avedon to mention only a few of so many iconic figures dominating the art world. It was a feast to satisfy and inspire emerging creative sensibilities.

After moving to Fort Lauderdale in the early sixties I was hired to be Editorial Artist for the Fort Lauderdale News. The job description was to fulfill many editorial assignments  such as  performing cartoons, designing Special Section Covers,  pasting up hurricane tracking maps and creating calligraphic headings.  I was being further prepared to take on many diverse artistic challenges.

Being introduced to Palm Beach gave new direction to artistic abilities. I had performed commercial commission design work for Maus and Hoffman and Holy Cross Hospital, had indulged in designing jewelry using the lost wax process, had accomplished many stained glass pieces and  painted carpets and vases and sculpted in clay and stone under the tutelage of Luis Montoya. After writing memoirs and local histories for ten years, the magnificence of Palm Beach architecture and lush foliage presented a whole new direction.  I was determined to capture the Island Community in line drawings first to illustrate a Palm Beach memoir and then to paint the many extraordinary images that surrounded me as I became more engaged in the spectacular enclave known and cherished by an audience of loyal devotees from all over the world.  It was then when my late-life career blossomed.  The rest is history and it has been and still is a GLORIOUS ARTISTIC PASSAGE.

Move ahead and enjoy just a small portion of what has become  THE PALM BEACH COLLECTION by SANDRA THOMPSON

Artwork © 2019 Sandra Thompson THE PALM BEACH COLLECTION Palm Tree