Raised in Sea Cliff on the North Shore of Long Island, Sandra attended COOPER UNION studying art and design while working in Manhattan for Grey Advertising as Assistant to the Art Buyer, Chanel, Inc. and as Art Buyer for REDBOOK MAGAZINE.  She moved to Fort Lauderdale in l961 where she became employed as the first Editorial Artist for the FORT LAUDERDALE NEWS AND SUN SENTINEL.

Sandra married businessman David Robinson Thompson and retired from the newspaper to raise their two sons, Bret David and Craig David.  She performed many art commissions and played a lot of tennis and golf.  It was not until David retired and they moved from Lauderdale back to where he had been raised in the Palm Beach area when Sandra fulfilled one of two vows made years before:  to write a memoir of David's earliest memories of Palm Beach having come from Leechburg, Pennsylvania in l925 to the fabled Island community of the Old Guard during the Gilded Age Era of Henry Flagler.  PALM BEACH FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LAKE was published by Vantage Publishing in l992 and led to other writings such as PALM BEACH AND BAR HARBOR ala TESTA, GOD'S CHURCH, FLAGLER'S LEGACY THE HISTORY OF THE ROYAL POINCIANA CHAPEL, and BAUDY THE ANIMAL MAN among other works written and published over a period of ten years. She did very little visual art work during that period other than designing the covers and content of the various manuscripts.

After renting an apartment in Palm Beach in 1999, Sandra embarked upon a whole new body of work - which has become THE PALM BEACH COLLECTION of fine art line renderings and acrylic paintings of various Island images.  A one woman show at the BRUCE WEBBER GALLERY put focus on the emerging collection and the PALM BEACH BOARD OF REALTORS discovered the colorful Island paintings and initially purchased seven images to adorn their monthly magazine.  She has since had well over forty covers.  

Sandra became associated with THE ARTIST'S GALLERY in Via DeMario operated as an artist co-op and including the work of abstract artist Cecily Hangen.  As one after another of the original artists pulled away from the gallery, Sandra became partnered with Hangen and they changed the name of the gallery to HANGEN THOMPSON.

With the attack on 9/11 and then ultimately the financial crisis including the Madoff scandal, the art business suffered and they ultimately closed the gallery.  However, Sandra's career path was recognized and she was encouraged to open her own gallery now called S. THOMPSON PALM BEACH FINE ART located in the Courtyard of Via Mizner's Renato's Restaurant.  The world audience of diners who frequent Renato's now look upon her small but important gallery where she is often seen painting or sculpting on premises in what is a WORKING GALLERY unique in Palm Beach.

To tell the story of how THE PALM BEACH COLLECTION evolved, in 2011 Sandra produced a book PALM BEACH, A RETROSPECTIVE, THE ART OF SANDRA THOMPSON.  The coffee table edition has received rave reviews and was awarded as a finalist in the category of BEST OVERALL DESIGN by the NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS for which she along with other authors were feted at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan to commemorate the prestigious acknowledgement of her work.

The prolific artist paints nearly daily.  She is engaged in performing animal portraits and recently accomplished an interior rendering of an exquisite room in a Palm Beach iconic residence, to be hung in the owner's Fifth Avenue apartment overlooking Central Park.  Sandra's art has evolved. She is willing to paint any subject asked of her.  She enjoys capturing the beauty that surrounds her.  She expressed that if she lived to be 250 and painted every day she could not capture all that surrounds her in the glorious landscape that is PALM BEACH.  And indeed she has captured it like no other artist before her.


Artwork © 2019 Sandra Thompson View From 220 THE PALM BEACH COLLECTION